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At the conclusion of an airport trip, we invite our guests to comment on their service.  This testimonial is designed to help with the continual improvement of our service to you, our guests.  We also often get feedback via email receipt responses.  We have added the comments below. Guests are asked to respond to the following questions - 'How was your service/chauffeur?' & 'Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service?'  We often respond with a reply.

You may submit an on-line testimonial at any time for Airporters or for any other type of reservation including tours; we appreciate all feedback.  Below are a few 'airporter' testimonials.  If you would like to view our complete testimonials, click here (site re-direct).

Dear My Chauffeur Airporter,

Dear My Chauffeur Airporter,

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of us this past week during our trip to the hotel, then back to the airport. I've used many car services and yours is definitely at the top of the list, and reasonably priced. Great Experience!”

Dear My Chauffeur Airporter,

Tom was very personable and interesting, which made the trip go even faster.


Dear My Chauffeur Airporter,

Both of the drivers were very personable and very helpful. I felt bad for the driver on the return leg of our trip because the car she brought was simply not large enough for all 4 passengers and all of the luggage. As often happens when you travel to Hawaii, we had an additional suitcase and an additional duffel bag when we came back. The girls had to sit in the back with the duffel bag across their laps. This was in no way the fault of the driver - we should have communicated better with you but we had assumed we would have the same car and driver as we had when we left. Lesson learned for us! I hope the tip that was included with the payment when we flew out was split amongst the two drivers - that was the intent.

There was a bit of confusion when we arrived in Portland on the 14th, we were looking for the Denali and didn't realize we should have been looking for a town car. There was an announcement, but the airport sound system cut out right when they were announcing exactly where to meet the car! We found the car and driver, though, and it was all good. I appreciated the patience of the driver.

We thank you again, your services prevented a lot of stress for me on this vacation!



MY CHAUFFEUR REPLY:  Luggage capacities of our vehicles is sometimes a concern; be sure to communicate if you are traveling with many bags.  And please, always look for your name on a sign at the vehicle rather than for a particular vehicle or a particular type of vehicle and call us at 503-969-4370 if you have any questions at the airport.

Dear My Chauffeur Airporter,

I would like to thank you for helping me on many business and personal trips. You have always been ultra responsive to my requests for transport and I really appreciate that I can depend on your staff even at the earliest of hours. Thanks again for the great service.

Earl Nied, Intel Corp.




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