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Special PDX 'Meet 'n Greet'

Our standard meeting area for passenger's (at 'Reserved Vehicles') is located outside of baggage claim at Island 3, a 1 minute walk from the terminal-baggage claim exit doors.  We consider our standard option 'EASY' and suitable for most persons or groups.  However, if it's the passenger's 1st time to PDX, needs assistance with their bags, the passenger is not very mobile or for any other reason, you may request 'Meet 'n Greet' assistance by our dedicated 'Meet 'n Greet' Escort. We will meet your party at either curbside, inside the terminal at baggage claim or at the security gate checkpoint.  Request this premier service while booking your reservation.  Custom & hourly dedicated services are also available at PDX for any special needs, please inquire. If you need wheelchair assistance inside the terminal, you should contact the airport.

(If desired, you may print the PDX Ground Transportation/Terminal Map.)

There are 3 options:

  1. Meet & Greet Special Assist from your driver at Curbside


  1. Meet & Greet at Baggage Claim

($45 additional cost applies.  Offered daily until 10:30pm. After 10:30pm actual landing time, cost is $70)

  1. Meet & Greet at the Security Gate Checkpoint

($45 additional cost applies.  Offered daily until 10:30pm. After 10:30pm actual landing time, cost is $70)

'Meet & Greet' at Curbside - (Complimentary)

P/U location is located outside the terminal on the roadway at the nearest auto lane curb next to baggage claim. After you have collected your bags (if applicable); call My Chauffeur at 503-969-4370.  Your chauffeur will then pull up to curbside and will meet your party. Detailed passenger instructions for your chosen option will be included with your email confirmation. or you may see them HERE.

This option is available ONLY for persons that are disabled, mobility challenged, elderly, with a large # of bags or with many children.


Escort 'Meet & Greet' at Baggage Claim - $45 Chg.

All passenger's pass through Baggage Claim on their way to exit the terminal. Your Escort will Meet & Greet your party at your designated baggage claim carousel inside the terminal for an additional fee ($45). Detailed instructions will be sent to you with your email confirmation, or you may see them HERE.


Escort 'Meet & Greet' at the Security Gate Checkpoint - $45 Chg.

All passenger's exit through the security gate checkpoint on their way to exit the terminal. Your escort will meet your party at the security gate checkpoint for an additional fee ($45). Detailed instructions will be sent to you with your email confirmation, or you may see them HERE.



Group Greets- If your company has a large group flying into PDX and they are arriving on the same day or different days, My Chauffeur can arrange for a dedicated Meet 'n Greet hourly or day service/rate as well as comprehensive customized services for any special needs.  Please call My Chauffeur for info/details.

* Additional costs may apply beyond the regular charge for any service beyond a direct escort by the escort or chauffeur for one (1) person or a single group of people to a single destination (baggage claim and the awaiting vehicle are considered a single destination).  From 10:30pm-6am actual landing time, $25 additional charge applies.

** If you cannot locate your 'Greet' person; telephone contact with My Chauffeur must be made at your agreed upon designated meeting area; or full 'Meet 'n Greet' fare will be charged to the customer in addition to the regular trip cost.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All Trips May Be Cancelled By Customer Within 24 Hours Of Reservation Confirmation With No Penalty. My Chauffeur will attempt to re-confirm your reservation before the res. date by contact phone #.  If we are unable to contact you for whatever reason to re-confirm; the reservation is still contractually valid, confirmed and secure. You may re-confirm your reservation at any time.  The chauffeur will re-confirm with the customer the 2nd pick-up time and location (if applicable) during the 1st pick-up.  If your flight is cancelled, the passenger must call My Chauffeur to cancel or confirm their new flight #.  If any cancellation occurs less than two hours before a scheduled pick-up time, full charge equal to the cost of the trip plus the 20% service fee, is charged to the customer’s credit card.  The final decision with cancellation matters lies with My Chauffeur.


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