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My Chauffeur On-Time Guarantee Policy

There are many variables in providing airport transportation. When it comes to services requested of us, preferences vary widely. But one request pervasive throughout is the request to be on-time.

Our policy is as follows:

The Company does not agree to arrive at or depart from any point at a specified time, but will endeavor to maintain the schedule agreed upon.

My Chauffeur Transportation Service guarantees that every vehicle will report on-time; no later than the pre-arranged pick up time. However delays do occur. We consider any arrival time within 5 minutes to be on-time, with an additional 15 minutes grace period.

If you plan your trip to arrive at the airport 2-2.5 hours (3 hours for international flights) before flight departure, you should avoid all transportation issues and stress. Plan extra travel time during high-road-congestion times.

If your driver experiences big delays (30+ minutes) en-route to your pickup location, we typically do not have a cancellation policy and you may elect to use alternate transportation with no penalty. However you must still call us to cancel and, a cancellation policy still does exist, see below. (If you do not have alternate transportation, then be sure to factor this in when deciding travel/pickup times.)

CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel while your driver is en-route to your pickup address, while you are at the pickup location with your driver or while you are both en-route headed to your destination, My Chauffeur HAS THE OPTION of charging the full NET-TOTAL to your credit card on-file.

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