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(print for reference.  If you prefer to meet your Greet Person at baggage claim rather than at the Security Gate checkpoint, please contact us)

When de-boarding your plane, please turn your phone back on for any additional instructions or updates on your 'Greeters' status.

PDX INSTRUCTIONS – ‘How to Meet Your Greeter’:

"It's Easy"



Details are below:

  • After exiting your plane, proceed to the ‘security gate’ for all airlines (there is just 1 for your Concourse).

  • After passing through the Security Gate checkpoint, immediately look for your greeter who will be standing at the gate with the customer’s name displayed on a sign.  And then all will proceed to your destination; whether it is to the awaiting chauffeur/vehicle or baggage claim and then to the awaiting chauffeur/vehicle. Your ‘Meet & Greet’ person will already be waiting at the Security Gate checkpoint, will have a chauffeur cap on & will have your name prominently displayed on a greet sign.  If you cannot locate your ‘meet & greet’ person at the Security Gate, call My Chauffeur immediately (STAY AT THE SECURITY GATE) at 503-969-4370.* 

  • Always immediately telephone My Chauffeur at the airport if for any reason you cannot find your greeter or if you have been delayed.

* If you cannot locate your 'Meet 'n Greet' person; you must call My Chauffeur for help, otherwise the cancellation policy will apply (see below).  My Chauffeur monitors arrival times of all incoming flights.  When traveling with others ‘separately’, the ‘meet ‘n greet’ person will meet the 1st person(s), and then both parties will wait for the remaining person(s). 

All international flights meet their ‘Meet ‘n Greet’ person at Baggage Claim Carousel #10. If desired, you may print the PDX Ground Transportation/Terminal Map.


WAIT TIME POLICY/MISC.: The chauffeur will wait at PDX for one (1) hour; 1 hour 15 minutes for international flights; after the passenger's flight touches down.  If it takes the passenger longer than this to meet their vehicle, they must call 503-969-4370 to retain their vehicle and avoid being charged for a No-Show.  Wait time charges after this time are $1.00 per minute.  My Chauffeur monitors the status of all incoming flights.  For pick-ups going to PDX, wait time charges after 10 minutes are $1.00 per minute. 

* PRICING TERMS/CONDITIONS: Service is available 24/7.  Our office hours are 7 am - 8 pm, M-F, and 8 am - 6 pm Saturday.  Our office is closed Sundays.  A 24 hour or more advance reservation is recommended.  STOPS EN-ROUTE: Town Car $5-$15 per stop (hourly reservations excluded); base charge is based on the furthest stop.  For no-signature accounts (if applicable); we will send the credit card receipt via e-mail the day after the final reservation date.  VEHICLE REQUEST: to guarantee a vehicle request, additional charges apply.  COUPON: Coupon presentation at p/u loc. required to be valid. Custom rates may apply in inclement weather (snow, ice etc.).  5% of total cash discount applies. Gas surcharge may apply. For airport service pick-ups between 11:00 PM and 12:59 AM, a $15.00 service fee applies. For airport service pick-ups between 1:00 PM and 2:59 AM, a $20.00 service fee applies. For airport service pick-ups between 3:00 AM and 3:59 AM, a $10.00 service fee applies. Round-trip rates are double the one-way rate. Restrictions may apply on all specials and are not guaranteed. Major holidays require a 20% surcharge.  TIME OF ARRIVAL AND DEPART: The Company does not agree to arrive at or depart from any point at a specified time, but will endeavor to maintain the schedule agreed upon.  All pickups are in Cadillac or Lincoln Town Car sedans, or SUV.  Our vehicles are not always marked on the outside.  At PDX, look for your name on a sign at the vehicle, as mentioned above.  Large capacity limousines are available for extra people up to 22 or more or extra luggage.  Please inquire about cost. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: All Trips May Be Cancelled By Customer Within 24 Hours Of Reservation Confirmation With No Penalty*. My Chauffeur will attempt to re-confirm your reservation before the res. date by contact phone #.  If we are unable to contact you for whatever reason to re-confirm; the reservation is still contractually valid, confirmed and secure. You may re-confirm your reservation at any time.  The chauffeur will re-confirm with the customer the 2nd pick-up time and location (if applicable) during the 1st pick-up. 

If your flight is cancelled, the passenger must notify our dispatch office (503-969-4370 or toll free 1-877-692-4283) or text My Chauffeur (503-969-4370; be sure you receive a text confirmation) to cancel or confirm their new flight # at least 2 hours before the scheduled PDX landing time.  If any cancellation occurs less than two (2) hours before a scheduled pick-up time, full charge equal to the cost of the trip plus the 20% service fee may be charged to the customer’s reservation agreement.  2-hour cancellation notice must be by phone call or text message and must be confirmed by My Chauffeur.  Email cancellations are not accepted unless you receive a cancellation confirmation by email or phone.  The final decision with cancellation matters lies solely with My Chauffeur.

* For cancellations where a deposit exists and the cancellation policy is not instituted; a 5% of the deposit credit card processing fee may apply.

Fight Change or Address Changes:

The passenger must notify our dispatch office two hours prior to pickup time or a full fare for transfer may be charged.






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